Safer Indoor Spaces for Winter

The winter season is bringing more and more Americans indoors. Kids are back to school, employees are going back to work, and we are going back to indoor gatherings as cooler weather approaches. Yet COVID-19 and its variants continue to spread, making indoor spaces a potential breeding ground for germs and viruses. So, many of those managing buildings want to know, how can we stay safe inside when being outside is not always an option? Surprisingly, the answer lies in high quality HVAC systems.

HVAC systems are a crucial piece of building safety as they are responsible for distributing and cleaning air throughout indoor spaces. Atlantic Westchester, a commercial HVAC company serving New York and Connecticut, provides the highest quality service in their industry. Atlantic Westchester is countering the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing a strategy to create safe indoor spaces throughout the fall and upcoming winter months. 

Here is Atlantic Westchester’s 3-Step HVAC Strategy to make any indoor space safer during the pandemic: 

  1. Maintain Building Performance: This is done by reprograming systems to ensure maximum air circulation and keep HVAC and electrical systems running.
  2. Enhance Indoor Air Quality: By replacing and upgrading air filtration to clean air that is recirculated excellent indoor air quality can be achieved. 
  3. Eliminate Airborne Microbes: By installing Needlepoint BiPolar Ionization (NPBI) on existing HVAC systems, infectious bioaerosols , as well as odors (VOC’s), allergens and particulate matter can be eliminated and/or greatly reduced. Implementing sensors that monitor air quality will detect any pollutants so facility operators are aware of what’s in the air they are breathing. 

The Delta and Omicron Variants are a continuous threat as we move indoors for the Fall. HVAC systems are a crucial piece of building safety. Atlantic Westchester has a 3-Step HVAC Strategy that meets the moment of this pandemic and delivers a safer space for Americans to gather indoors.