National HVAC Tech Day 2022: Advancing HVAC Tech Skills Through Continued Training

National HVAC Tech Day, June 22, 2022, is dedicated to HVAC technicians working to restore comfort in buildings and commercial offices. HVAC technicians work to keep heating and cooling systems up to date, with the right equipment and maintenance. These technicians work to save energy and reduce carbon footprints.

Today and every day, at Atlantic Westchester we recognize all our hardworking techs and work to enrich their skills through continued training programs. Recently, we sent one of our Field Supervisors/Technicians to The AAON Technical Academy. The academy is the premier training facility for educating service technicians on AAON HVAC equipment, controls, and more. The training facilities are located at the AAON manufacturing plant and headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Longview, Texas manufacturing plant – giving students access to the latest equipment, engineering resources, and training center.

With our service techs completing this factory-certified training Atlantic Westchester is well equipped to handle your AAON needs!

Here are some photos from the course: