Managing Summer Temperatures

With summer in full swing, the temperatures are rising, and it is important to keep your HVAC systems running smoothly and efficiently. Our team has years of real-world experience, diagnostic tools, and advanced training to make sure that your systems are running optimally. Ensure your HVAC system will be reliable all summer long by following a few simple steps to avoid breakdowns, long service waits, and perhaps even some money.

These simple steps can help you make sure your system is running no matter what the summer weather may bring. 

Change Filters Frequently

The summer months mean more allergens like pollen and dust, are moving through the air and clogging up air filters more than in the fall and winter. Everything that sits on those filters is what you breathe in, that’s why it is crucial to change them. Having a dirty filter can also overwork your system or worse, lead to a costly repair in the future.

Inspect Air Ducts

Poor installation and/or damage to ductwork can produce air leaks that allow conditioned air to escape causing inefficiency. It is important to ensure that all duct sections fit together tightly and that connections are adequately sealed.

Check for Leaks and Cracks

As the weather got colder and colder this winter, your HVAC system may have experienced cracking or leaking due to the weather. Due to the numerous amounts of components within the system, they can corrode causing cracks, holes, and headaches. This can lead to a trail of problems. Get ahead of the curve and have one of our professionals come in to check for leaks, cracks, and holes to make sure your system can run smoothly when you need it.

Monitor Your Thermostat Readings

Do you ever look at your thermostat and compare what it shows versus the actual space temperature? If they aren’t close or don’t match, it may be a sign of operational issues. If you must adjust your thermostat more often than normal, it’s a good time to get the system checked, or you may need to have your thermostat reprogrammed.

By taking better care of your commercial HVAC system during the summer months, you’ll ensure a season’s worth of excellent performance and indoor comfort. HVAC maintenance on your air conditioner or heat pump will also ensure your ongoing energy costs remain as low as possible during months when you use your HVAC system more frequently.