Earth Day Tips from Atlantic Westchester

Atlantic Westchester prides themselves on being an HVAC business that provides energy efficient solutions for companies across the New York Metropolitan area. Over the years, Atlantic Westchester has developed programs to help companies reduce their carbon footprint while also saving energy and money. The Atlantic Westchester team has learned to look beyond just the HVAC system in an effort to offer well rounded energy solutions.

Below, are some tips to help companies consume energy intelligently:

  1. To consume energy intelligently, buildings can raise or lower the thermostat two degrees, or as much as comfort allows and slow down systems during unoccupied times, to reduce HVAC system run time.
  2. Clean, well operating systems will provide reliable, efficient service during the extreme weather days. Dirty or old, battered systems will breakdown more often and continually become less efficient with age. Dirty equipment will also have a direct effect on your utility bill as the cost will be higher.
  3. LED lighting technology has come a long way in the last few years and the cost to implement has dropped substantially. By implementing LED lighting in offices companies will reduce their energy costs immediately. Adding LED lights in an office is quick and simple to calculate saved energy consumption.
  4. Solar panels to a building are an excellent addition if space and layout is favorable. Tax rebates and utility incentives have made it such that installing solar system can be very cost effective. By adding solar panels, the building will generate electricity allowing the cost per kilowatt to decrease.