Benefits of Implementing a Preventive Maintenance Program with Atlantic Westchester

Benefits of Implementing a Preventive Maintenance Program with Atlantic Westchester

By Bob Murphy, Sales Executive at Atlantic Westchester

Great news! Your company is committed to sustainability, has strong growth initiatives for next year and is dedicated to developing quality processes. You’re on track to exceed previous years’ performance and the future looks bright. Within those processes lies another opportunity that you may not have identified yet. Atlantic Westchester can help optimize your building and budget better than anyone else in the industry. We do this by reviewing two universal operating strategies and discuss an effective implementation process.

There are two basic operating strategies in commercial office space today and those strategies sit on opposite ends of a spectrum. The Federal Energy Management Program’s Operation & Management Best Practices says that 55% of all building owners and managers approach this financial process reactively, meaning they fix something only once it breaks. The result is an unpredictable and uncontrolled investment strategy. 

We know that if we approach the financial process proactively; the results will always be:

  • Higher return on investment (ROI)
  • Increased comfort by reduced breakdowns
  • Guaranteed peak efficiency
  • Extended equipment life

We know that a reactive strategy holds more financial risk in deferred maintenance, repair, and replacement. It also means higher mechanical risk of premature failure from low quality or deferred operations and maintenance strategies, similar to those that some commercial office managers have been using. 

The goal is to identify if there is excess spending occurring, then find a different way to invest those funds, ultimately producing a better ROI for every dollar spent in that facility. 

The pieces of the operations, maintenance and replacement pie include:

  • Energy
  • Capital avoidance
  • Loss in productivity
  • Administration
  • Parts and materials
  • Major repairs
  • Contracted services
  • In-house staff

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) tells us that these eight pieces make up 75% – 85% of the lifetime costs of your building and have a tremendous impact on your bottom line. High performance buildings are very effective and efficient at managing the amount they spend on each of these categories. 

The more proactively owners/managers approach these systems, the better return on investment and better performance of their equipment. They go hand-in-hand to reduce risk for the owner.

To ensure your building is running at peak efficiency, contact Atlantic Westchester at (914) 666-2268. Remember, it’s always less expensive to be proactive than reactive.