Atlantic Westchester Hosts Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Seminar With Top Energy Experts From The Area

Atlantic Westchester recently hosted a commercial building energy efficiency seminar at 1133 Westchester Ave in White Plains, NY. Bud Hammer, President of Atlantic Westchester; Bonnie Hagen, Chief Operating Officer of Bright Energy Services; and Mick Gilbert, Business Development Manager of Con Edison educated attendees on how to upgrade their facilities to optimize energy consumption.

Now, more than ever, smart building owners and managers are upgrading their facilities to improve and enhance energy consumption. According to Energy Star, the average building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes. Benefits to improving commercial building energy efficiency include:

  • Decrease utility expense
  • Improve building comfort
  • Attract better tenants who want to be in modern, efficient buildings
  • Invest in the asset to provide longer life span and increase value
  • Improve profitability by having a smart building

Topics and highlights from the energy efficiency and technology seminar included: local laws; energy retrofit process; energy auditing, benchmarking and retrofitting benefits; available financing, tax incentives and utility rebates; and energy efficiency technology advancement.

Atlantic Westchester & Bright Energy Services can implement in partnership with Con Edison/NYSERDA to:

  • Provide turnkey energy retrofit solutions in lighting, HVAC, and building envelope
  • Provide financing and cost benefit analysis
  • Provide continuous monitoring, service, support and maintenance after project completion