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Improve Indoor Air Quality
Four HVAC Strategies to Effectively Upgrade Your Building’s Air Quality



Indoor Air

RadGreen is a one-stop environmental management solution that lets you optimize the air quality, thermal comfort, noise levels, light parameters, and viral index (which includes COVID), at the push of a button to create the perfect environment for your employees and visitors.

RadGreen helps you understand how to improve your indoor space in order to mitigate hazardous environmental factors. Ensuring a healthy and safe environment for all! Get alerts from RadGreen when a problem is detected in your environment and receive directions on how to solve the problem either manually or automatically.

  • Increase Your Business Revenue. Create unforgettable customer experiences by ensuring your visitors’ complete comfort and health. How? By implementing our indoor environmental tracking solutions today.
  • Attract New Clients. By showing that you truly care about creating safer, healthier, and monitored environments, you’ll effortlessly inspire trust, confidence, and loyalty in new and existing clients.
  • Reduce Your Facility Costs. Prevention is better than a cure. Our environmental analytics help you detect anomalies in your facility operations in real-time. Get instant alerts to prevent equipment malfunctions, unnecessary costs, and beyond.
  • Manage Multiple Properties. You can manage each of your facilities or properties from our personalized dashboards that give you a bird’s-eye view of your environmental analytics.