Case Studies

At Atlantic Westchester, we are truly committed to our customers and the ongoing success of their business. Every day and at every level we strive to offer the highest levels of customer satisfaction, service quality, and the best-trained, most professional team in the business.

Read on to learn more about some of our past projects.

John F. Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School, Somers, NY

As the 2020-2021 school year quickly approached, Kennedy Catholic needed to develop a comprehensive safety plan in order for the school to return in person. As a result, the Covid-19 Reopening Task Force was formed in June bringing together experts in various fields to
determine the best plan of action for student, faculty, and staff safety. Among the experts on the Covid-19 Reopening Task Force was Bud Hammer, President of Atlantic Westchester, to guide the school on air cleaning technology.

Bud and his team researched several different air purification systems weighing the benefits of each and ultimately making a recommendation for Global Plasma Solutions Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization. The ionization system researched and installed by Atlantic Westchester was a key factor in helping Kennedy Catholic Preparatory School control the spread of the coronavirus and protect its students.



Tamarack Country Club, Greenwich CT

After a thorough check up on Tamarack Country Club’s HVAC system, Atlantic Westchester was able to determine that the system was suffering from an accumulation of maintenance neglect and poor quality repairs. Atlantic Westchester was able to get the heating and cooling machines running efficiently. Members are much happier now when they come to the clubhouse and there are no worries about their air conditioning or heat not working. 

Mt. Kisco Child Care Center, Mt. Kisco

Atlantic Westchester was able to diagnose and fix the urgent issues in order to get the HVAC system up and running properly and quickly. They mapped out the system, repaired and procured new equipment where necessary. Atlantic Westchester invested a lot of time to diagnose the situation, perform an energy conservation audit and encouraged Mt. Kisco Child Care Center to take a leap to invest a high quality control system. 

The system is now consistently working well, and it was completed within budget. Atlantic Westchester put in place a program of proactive maintenance that will keep the system running efficiently, without costly, unexpected breakdowns and repairs. 

Katonah Museum of Art, Katonah, NY

Atlantic Westchester decided to change the way KMA’s current HVAC system functioned, focusing on the reheating capabilities and cooling over longer periods of time. A computer program and desktop station were installed, giving access for the Museum to see, in real time, what pieces of equipment are working properly, and which ones might be malfunctioning. 

Churchill School and Center, New York, NY

Working with Atlantic Westchester reminds me of the 3 letters you see on the side of police cars:
‘CPR...Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect’.


  • Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump Air Conditioner installation
  • Energy efficiency system and optimization services
  • Operational assessment and full system check
  • Regular commercial HVAC maintenance program

Building & HVAC System Profile:

  • Manhattan 11-story building, originally constructed 1932, 2 upper floors and additional infrastructure added in 2000
  • 29 Mammoth® units providing heating & cooling
  • 47 ductless units, Sanyo and Mitsubishi
  • Auxiliary heating coil capability

The Churchill School and Center is a private K–12 school for promising and exceptional students that have been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities. We offer our students a smaller, more individualized and supportive learning environment. The students can be distracted by interruptions and the Atlantic Westchester team is always respectful of our unique learning environment.


Whether it’s installation of new equipment or servicing our existing systems, my experience with them over the years has been outstanding and the quality of their work is first-rate.

Bud Hammer and his team really work on the customer service side of the business, and that’s very important to me. I’m always looking for companies who will partner with us and be proactive and professional… not just at the beginning, but years into our working relationship. I have had some bad experiences with other companies dropping the ball, not getting the work completed, not doing the work correctly, confusion in the paper work and what I’m being billed for. Just a lot of hassles.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and quality of the Atlantic Westchester team, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Steve Palermo
Facilities / Security Director
The Churchill School and Center


Reformed Church of Tarrytown, Tarrytown, NY

The Reformed Church of Tarrytown is more than just a church for worship, they hold school programs and facility events. One fundraiser that the church holds is a soup dumpling fund raiser. They invite guests to the church and cook soup dumplings for everyone to enjoy. The church always ran out of soup dumplings before the event ended, due to the fact that the existing domestic hot water equipment could not keep up with the church’s hot water needs.

Atlantic Westchester met with the facility manager and investigated the equipment that supplied the domestic hot water. The Reformed Church of Tarrytown was using two different gas fired domestic hot water heaters that were 8+ years old and were standard efficiency. The water heaters weren’t sufficient enough for the church’s peak hot water demand. We sized the equipment to match the building’s needs and worked with the church to move towards more energy conscious choices. This was executed by removing the existing equipment and installing new high efficiency, condensing style, hot water heaters.

Atlantic Westchester was able to execute the domestic hot water heater replacement before the up and coming soup dumpling fund raiser. The fund raiser was a hit and the church was able to make as many soup dumplings as they liked, without running out of hot water in the process.

With the help from Atlantic Westchester, The Reformed Church of Tarrytown was able to be make more energy conscious choices and have a domestic hot water system that matched their needs.

Drum Hill Senior Living Community, Peekskill, NY

Drum Hill energy efficiency retrofit project evaluated energy use, costs and maintenance issues of the aging infrastructure and made updates to the building's heating, cooling and lighting systems.

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Building & HVAC Profile:

Located in Peekskill, NY and built in 1909 as a beautiful K-12 school. Named for the hill where it is located and where the sound of the Continental Army, marching through the Hudson Valley, reverberated from the hill like a drum.  In 1999 the old abandoned historic building was converted into Drum Hill Senior Living Community, a 120 unit independent living residence for seniors.


Recently the building was experiencing costly repairs to its HVAC system due to the end of life cycle of the equipment. Sections of the boiler had previous been repaired and were leaking. Repairs to the chillers were increasing, and the controls on the pumps were in need of replacement.


Project Overview:

Atlantic Westchester’s energy team evaluated energy usage, costs and maintenance issues of the aging infrastructure and proposed a plan to retrofit the facility with new high efficient equipment. The heat/load calculations of the facility determined that the chillers were oversized and the new replacement chillers would be smaller.  The plan also included replacing the leaking boiler with two new high efficiency condensing style gas boilers.  Variable frequency drive technology would be applied to existing pumps to reduce energy usage and to extend the motor life within the HVAC system.

Atlantic Westchester’s lighting partner, Bright Energy Services, conducted a lighting audit, preformed an energy analysis and specified a lighting solution that was eligible for a financial incentive from Con Edison.


Energy Savings Assessment:

The project was completed in December of 2016 and included a total of $429,000 in energy efficiency upgrades. The project was financed through the Energize NY PACE program which offered a low interest rate of 3.14% and is paid back through the property tax bill funded by the energy savings.  Atlantic Westchester and Bright Energy Services also collaborated with Con Edison’s energy engineers to calculate the energy savings from all the metrics and helped procure approximately $72,000 in incentive money to help supplement the cost of the upgrades for Drum Hill.  Combined, the HVAC and lighting upgrades are estimated to save Drum Hill approximately $28,633 per year in operating costs.


Congregation Kol Ami, White Plains, NY

Congregation Kol Ami Energy Efficiency Project included updates to HVAC System

Local Hospital Cooling Tower Replacement, Putnam County

Replacement of aging cooling tower


  • Aged BAC Cooling Tower leaked and required replacing. New Tower was completed Fall of 2019. See before and after photos

Old Cooling Tower which provided Air Conditioning to Operating Room required replacement due to leaks. Replacement had to be done during period when no surgeries were scheduled. To avoid any disruption in surgery schedules, the team at Atlantic Westchester planned, prepped and coordinated an exact replacement to be executed over a weekend. Work started on Friday afternoon and was completed on Sunday without complication. Surgeries went on as scheduled Monday morning.